BOOK DESIGN: Shattering Conventions by Bob Calhoun

Shattering Conventions by Bay Area author Bob Calhoun, published May 2013 by Obscuria Press out of Daly City, California. I designed both the cover and the guts. Cover photography is also mine. For a closer look, please check out the links below the slideshow.





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Chapter Start

Inside Spread

Picture Spread

PICTURE RESEARCH: Snapshot Picture Library Series (Fog City Press)

Working with Weldon-Owen and Fog City Press, I selected images that suited each title that I worked on. We were under very strict budget constraints, as Fog City Press publishes bargain books for sale through Barnes & Noble and other booksellers.

Weldon-Owen’s Snapshot Picture Library Page

This series produced both coffee table style hardcover books and corresponding baby’s board books using the same images but different text geared to the small child.

PAGE LAYOUT: @Home Network

In the late 1990s up until about 2000, @Home Network was the premiere high-speed, cable-based internet provider, partnering with different cable companies across the country, Canada and abroad. I was the Photo Editor and a page designer with them. Here is a selection of some of the pages that I designed for their content portal, using images that I purchased through some of our many photography contacts. Some of them are animated.