WEB SITE: Wedding Invitation

Mark and Stephanie decided that too much paper and waste goes into ordinary wedding invitations. Neither of them are ordinary, both of them are environmentally conscious, and they decided on a paperless invitation for their pirate-themed wedding.


WEB SITE: Walken

Walken are a hard rock/heavy metal band from San Francisco, California. They wanted something other than a myspace page where they could showcase their music, send prospective bookers and reviewers, and sell their merch. Their site reflects their party and rock n’ roll aesthetics and values.

This site has since been taken offline.


WEB SITE: Author, Bob Calhoun

Click to visit beerbloodandcornmeal.com

Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal is a memoir written by Bob Calhoun. We had already seen the cover design from ECW Press and I set to design Bob’s site to fit with the general aesthetic of the book and give it an overall readability, since the site is very content-heavy. Bob also has a blog on his site, powered by b2explosion and integrated into the site’s overall look and feel.