BOOK DESIGN: Internal Pages

Internal spreads of Take It All Off by M.C. Welsh, to be printed in both hardcover and softcover trade paperback as well as ebook. Each chapter features custom-illustrated icons sourced from the chapter’s corresponding illustration, chapter-end lists, and beginning and ending illustrations. See captions for book elements shown.


front matter • table of contents


table of contents and prologue start pages


chapter end and chapter start pages


chapter illustration and start pages


epilogue end and credits page

COURSE MATERIALS: PBL Unit, Advocates for Peace

Advocates for Peace is a grades 7–12 project-based learning unit developed by Students Rebuild and the Buck Institute for Education as part of the Facing Difference Challenge. I was tasked to design and produce the course materials for this and its K–6 partner unit.

Mockups DesignMockups DesignMockups Design

In the project, Advocates for Peace, students explore peacebuilding efforts around the world and conduct research on local issues. After identifying a local issue, project teams design a policy proposal for a possible solution and present their thinking to a relevant audience of community members and key stakeholders whom they hope to move to action. This solution is grounded in successful international examples of peacebuilding and tailored to the community it is intended to serve. Though the standards focus of Advocates for Peace is grades 9-10, the content strands (e.g., argumentative writing) were selected so that educators could adapt this project anywhere along the 7–12 span and in any context, including international ones. This unit includes both educator planning and student-facing resources.

The full unit can be downloaded here.


BOOK COVER DESIGN & PRODUCTION: INsiders Series (Simon & Schuster/Weldon-Owen)

I came onto this project after the first few books were designed and produced and they needed someone who was a designer, but who also knew print and how printing really happens. Oceans was the first book that I worked on. The cover design was complete, but I jumped on for the production work. This series is a printing extravaganza, featuring 3 levels of sculptural emboss, 2 different varnishes, and a foil underlay! After Oceans, I put together the cover designs for Human Body, Predators, Insects & Spiders, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Sharks, and Knights & Castles under Weldon-Owen Art Director Kelly Booth and Creative Director Gaye Allen. The series is geared towards the tween market and is printed on paper over board. Paperback versions intended for school use only were also produced (by me) and printed, but without varnish and foil underlays. (Inline links will take you to simon & schuster’s book description pages.)


BOOK DESIGN: Unix Textbook

On this project I designed the chapter-style pages of this Guide to Unix & Linux, creating each instance of text and figure styling as the author completed each chapter, working in Adobe InDesign. I also did all of its technical illustration.

Click here to download a sample chapter featuring all design elements and formatting styles. (pdf, 3.3 mbs)

Sample Illustrations: