For 4 years, I have worked part time for a major K-12 standardized test prep and curriculum material provider as a technical illustrator mostly working on math and science. When I receive social studies specs, I get excited. Here are some maps and other social studies pieces that I’ve worked on.


BOOK COVER DESIGN & PRODUCTION: INsiders Series (Simon & Schuster/Weldon-Owen)

I came onto this project after the first few books were designed and produced and they needed someone who was a designer, but who also knew print and how printing really happens. Oceans was the first book that I worked on. The cover design was complete, but I jumped on for the production work. This series is a printing extravaganza, featuring 3 levels of sculptural emboss, 2 different varnishes, and a foil underlay! After Oceans, I put together the cover designs for Human Body, Predators, Insects & Spiders, Volcanoes & Earthquakes, Sharks, and Knights & Castles under Weldon-Owen Art Director Kelly Booth and Creative Director Gaye Allen. The series is geared towards the tween market and is printed on paper over board. Paperback versions intended for school use only were also produced (by me) and printed, but without varnish and foil underlays. (Inline links will take you to simon & schuster’s book description pages.)