COURSE MATERIALS: PBL Unit, Peace by Piece

Peace by Piece is a K–6 project-based learning unit developed by Students Rebuild and the Buck Institute for Education as part of the Facing Difference Challenge. I was tasked to design and produce the course materials for this and its grades 7–12 partner unit.

Mockups DesignMockups DesignMockups Design

Peace by Piece is a Project Based Learning (PBL) unit designed to engage students in leadership through advocacy for peaceful solutions to local or community conflicts. In Peace Teams, students delve deeply into local peacebuilding needs and design a solution. International examples of peacebuilding efforts will be used to inform team solutions. Students will advocate for their peaceful proposal to a public audience of stakeholders such as other students, school leadership, and community members during a student-led Peace Summit. The standards focus of this interdisciplinary unit is grade 3; however, the content strands (e.g., narrative writing) are such that educators can adapt this project for grades K–6 in any context, including international ones. This unit includes both educator planning and student-facing resources.

The full unit can be downloaded here.

2 thoughts on “COURSE MATERIALS: PBL Unit, Peace by Piece

  1. Jama Mustain says:

    Do you know where I can find this unit now? I have been working through it with my Student Council, but the page can no longer be found.

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